40’ Clear Inflatable Domes

Clear Inflatable Domes

Summer is a time for exhibitionism. It’s the perfect season to shed it all off and be completely transparent. That’s why we are obsessed with displaying your next event, exhibit, activation, and even summer festivals in a transparent dome.

These domes are easy to install, take down, and can quickly be moved around because they are inflatable and only take a few hours to install! Four fans inflate the structure and keep it inflated. Two for the dome and two more for the doorways. We just lay it out, put in the sandbag ballasts, inflate, and Voilá! Due to their durability, they are perfect for both indoors and outdoors events. The domes can withstand natural elements, provide protection from harmful UV rays, and could turn an unexpected rainy day into a beautiful water show for your guests.

Clear domes are a great way to exhibit your brand and company organically as they blend into any environment yet, still uniquely manage to stand out. The beautiful structure, sidewalls, and canopy also lend themselves as the perfect branding surfaces.

So why not let FW blow “it up”for your company at your next event. Captivate an audience by taking a fresh approach and allow us to exhibit the essence, energy, and vibe of your brand as we beautifully displayed it for the world to see. •2 ingress / egress doorways •4 inflation fans •Sand bags •Cement ballasts •4 portholes so that HVAC can be attached  Fresh Wata will need power on site for the blowers and sandbags for the ballasting.

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