Planner Words of Wisdom – October

Planner Words of Wisdom (PWOW)

In the beginning of last year, we debuted a recurring post called the Planner Words of Wisdom (PWOW). We are bringing back this topic for a monthly piece for words of wisdom from the founder of Fresh Wata, Tricia, and her event production company. This month we are going to cover getting social!

Social media is the best way for your event to spread beyond the guests themselves. Every share of your event on a guests’ social media goes beyond your network by a rate of 5x! You want to encourage your guests to post the event on their social media pages, and we have some tips and tricks below for you!

Get Guests to Share

If you want guests to share about your event, give them incentive to! “Yes, it’s true every 1 photo is seen by 300 friends on average.” Make sure to keep your brand name or # in the decorations! That way, photos that guests share will include your brand. “Allow guests to step into a photo tagging station and email them an offer with a custom landing page with their photos.” “Snap photo, scan to win, enter to win, giveaways! So much to accomplish with just a simple photo activation.”

Design with Social Media in Mind!

Remember, everything goes on Instagram now! Try and design your event to look on camera. Consider setting up lighting to improve your photos. “Take time to think about your food display, consider buffets part of the design process. Details make the event!” “Label your menu items. Create a well executed buffet design and layout with your caterer.” “What is your staffing wearing?  Include this in your overall design and planning process.  Add a hat, pin, button, vest, suspenders, branded apron or custom sew and special uniform to stand out from your guests typical night out.”

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