Augmented Reality – Bring Your Brands to Life

Augmented Reality

Bring your next brand event to life with augmented and virtual reality. Take advantage of the latest technology and give your audience a look at your brand that they would never have had before.

What is augmented reality?

Augmented reality takes a computer-generated image and places that image on the user’s view of the real world, creating a composite view.  That means that the user is viewing the world through a piece of technology, typically an app on a phone.
Some popular examples of augmented reality are Pokemon Go and Snapchat. In Pokemon Go, the pokemon is viewed from the app in the world all around you. On Snapchat, the filters will interact with what the camera sees, often your face, and augments reality in that way.

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality creates an entire virtual world for the user to experience. This requires hardware like the Facebook Oculus headsets, because the virtual reality becomes the entire field of vision for the user. Sometimes gloves fitted with sensors or chair with boosters to move you around accompany virtual reality headsets.

How do you use augmented and virtual reality at your events?

You can use augmented and virtual reality to bring your brand to life at events! The video above shows an augmented reality for a slots type game! You have the placard in real life. Then play the game through the app, simulating the feel of playing on a real slots machine. This is the kind of engagement that you are looking for from your audience.

You can also use augmented reality to bring a speech to life! Instead of just a powerpoint presentation, work with a AR/VR firm to animate parts of your talk to life. With a certain app on their phone, your audience members can see what the AR/VR firm created, in real time with your speech.

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