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One of the best ways to expand your brand is to bring social media into your live events. You can bring those outside your events into your events. Everyone now expects social media sharing to be a part of events. Make your event social friendly with the tips below.

Create a Social Plan

With people now sharing almost every aspect of their lives on social media, you might expect social sharing to just happen at your event. And social sharing will just happen at your event, but that doesn’t mean that you can capture it! Creating a social plan and crafting your social plan will mean that you can tap into your audience’s propensity to post on social media. Craft a hashtag for your event. Create a couple of different activations around your event to help get the social sharing moving!

Decorate Around Your Social Plan

When crafting your decorating plan for your event, make sure to think about your social plan as well! You will want to create a hashtag for your event, and consider putting that up and around your event. If you have brand color scheme, it would be good to have the party theme colors be the brand color scheme. Include your brand name and hashtag on any items at your event, napkins, tablecloths, or glasses. Create your swag with the event hashtag and brand name.

Social Activations

You will want to have a couple of different activations planned for your event that are specifically geared to get people social sharing. One great way to get people sharing on social is to create a snapchat filter for the event. Snapchat has made this process super simple, so you can even create one on your phone! However, to make sure your event is polished, you should probably give that one to a designer. That will encourage guests to take photos all around your event, and you will still be able to have your brand name in the photo. Another idea is to create a photobooth at your event, enabled with social sharing. Make sure the backdrop includes your brand name and let your guests have fun! Once the guests are done, make sure there is an easy flow for them to get the photos to their phones. So that they can share on their social networks.

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