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Make Your Event Dreams Come True with Fresh Wata Fabrication

Fresh Wata Fabrication Don’t limit your expectations when imagining your dream event. Want your brand name in succulents? What about a couch made out of pizza boxes? How about larger than life bird [...]

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Augmented Reality – Bring Your Brands to Life

Augmented Reality Bring your next brand event to life with augmented and virtual reality. Take advantage of the latest technology and give your audience a look at your brand that they would never hav [...]

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Crush Out of Town Events with an Event Company

Out of Town Events Event planning becomes difficult quickly when coordinating events out of town. From finding the right location to working with local vendors, coordinating an event in another city [...]

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Keep Cool! Tips and Tricks for Outdoor Events

Outdoor Events Outdoor events are one of the best parts of the summer! From music festivals to pool parties, there are a variety of different kinds of outdoor events. But, outdoor events can be trick [...]

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Keep It Social 4 Ways to Include Social Media at Your Event

Everyone lives on social media. Be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat, people are constantly posting and engaging with others all around the world on social media. When someone sha [...]

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Save Time with an Event Company

Bring Your Dreams to Life There is a reason why people use an event company! Event planning has many different facets and components, and a dedicated event company can help your dreams come to li [...]

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Planner Words of Wisdom – July

In the beginning of last year, we debuted a recurring post called the Planner Words of Wisdom (PWOW). We are bringing back this topic for a monthly piece for words of wisdom from the founder of Fr [...]

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Involve Your Guests! 3 Ways to Make Your Event Interactive

A big push in modern event design is how to make your event interactive. You went through all of the steps to engage your guests before they come to your event, and now it’s time to really wow them! [...]

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Design Stand-Out Trade Show Booths and Win the Expo Hall!

Custom Design Trade Show Booths Don’t let your booth get looked over in the Expo Hall! Starting with custom designed trade show booths, there are many different ways to get your audience's’ a [...]

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Planning Your Summer Events

Summer Events Summer events are one of the best parts of June, July and August! Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, there are a variety of different events that you can organize. However, with the [...]

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