Create Brand and Marketing Content at Your Events

Have your events do double duty for your company! Hosting events gets your name out there and engages your audience. But you can also use events to create content for your brand. The most authentic way to market is to bring your audience content that they want to see. Hosting events can bring together different influencers and audience members whose voices would help fuel your marketing. Check out below the different ways you can leverage an event for content creation.

Live Coverage

Live coverage of an event can come in a couple of different forms for your brand. One fun way to live cover an event is through Instagram Stories. You can now choose highlights from your Instagram Stories to live on your page. That way you can keep You can live stream part of the event on to Facebook or YouTube. These recordings live on your channels after your event, so that people who couldn’t attend the event or watch the live stream can join the party after it’s over.


Take a look at your guest list before your event and see if anyone is attending that you want to work with with your brand. Events are a great place to gather influencers and people important in your industry. You can give them a view into what your brand is about, and it will be easy to bring up a working partnership. Understand that influencers and industry professionals will want some form of compensation, but giving them a view into your brand will help make their content more authentic.

Video Creation

Brand events are a great place to gather video content for your website and social channels. If you live stream your event, you can create sizzle or highlight videos to distribute later on your social channels. You can also use your event to capture specific kinds of videos. Demonstrate audience love for one of your products. Create fun 15-sec pre-roll shots for paid advertising of your audience having a blast at your event.

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