Create Customer Experiences with Your Brand

In the digital world, there is a lot of different ways to engage with your audience. Through social media sites, you can interact with your audience and show new features and aspects of your brand. Email marketing is a great way to get your audience to take an action, even if that is just to watch a video about your brand. But real life experiences can help bring your brand from something they sipe over in their feed, to a beloved, daily followed brand. Creating experiences for your customers means inviting them into your brand, which brings your audience closer. Check out 3 different kinds of custom experiences for your customers.

Pop-Up Stores for Your Brand

The pop-up store has become a very popular kind of event for a brand to put on. But that is because it is a powerful tool to create a connection between brands and users! You can set up pop-up shops in a couple of different ways, either by telling your audience about it or by surprising your audience with it. If you are a smaller brand, still developing your audience, you would want to tell you audience about the pop-up shop. That way loyal brand members will be there first thing, and your audience will see you want to connect with them personally! If you are a well-established brand, keeping a pop-up a surprise can create buzz around your brand.  Check out how Lyft used a custom fabricated AirStream to go meet their audience.

Invite Only Events

An invite only event can accomplish different things for different parts of your audience. You can make an invite only event for your top-tier audience members. Reward them for being brand loyal by inviting them to a fun event where they can connect with other audience members, and really dive into your brand. Or you can create a contest or a sweepstakes for an invite to the event, asking your audience to get involved, even if its just sharing a photo on Instagram with a certain hashtag.


Create an unique experience for your audience at a conference to stand out from the crowd! Creating custom fabricated pieces make sure your booth doesn’t look like anyone else’s. Before you create your booth, determine what you want your audience to do there. Do you want to create a fun photo for your audience to capture? Or do you want to educate them on your latest product releases? No matter the reason, meeting your audience at a conference is a great way to engage your customers.

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