Custom Design for your Summer Pop-Ups

Stand out from the crowd this summer with custom design! Summer pop-ups can be anything from taking over a retail space for a few weeks to doing a dinner a night, each in a different town, for a month. No matter what kind of company you have, introducing custom design into your events will help you stand out. Tell your brand story and get your message across to your audience with custom fabricated pieces brought to you by Fresh Wata fabrication team.

Put Your Brand Story Front and Center

One of the benefits of custom design, is that you can incorporate a lot more of your brand story into your event space. Instead of just slapping your logo on rental items, you can have pieces custom made for your space that shows what your brand is. A great example is the custom designed Airstream for Lyft. They wanted to create a specific experience for their guests of the Airstream, not just provide a cool backdrop. The Airstream had a combination of storage inside, a rocking sound system, a bar, and their signature pink. They got an Airsteam that screamed Lyft, without having their name everywhere.

Show Off Your Creative Side

Another benefit of custom design is that you can show your creative side to your audience. Especially combining custom design with pop-ups, you can really go wild! Consider introducing some kind of VR or AR into your pop-up experience. You can have poster come to life and tell a story through specific apps. Fresh Wata is here to help turn your wildest imaginations into reality.

Start Planning Early

One of the most exciting parts of custom design is the ideation process. That is the process of sitting down with our fabrication team. Where you show and tell us what you want us to create. It could be a custom DJ booth, or 10 foot tall cages that will have dancers in them, or it could the name of your company spelled out in flowers. Whatever it is, we want to make it reality, and sometimes that takes time! Starting the process of custom design as soon as you can helps ensure that we can bring your vision to life fully.

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