Engage Your Audience with Experiential Events

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Experiential Events

Experiential events are an innovative way to engage with your audience. Remember to keep in mind your customer journey even after your event ends! Experiential events keep your audience interested in what your brand is doing, and creates massive brand awareness lift. While designing your event, keep your experiential component front and center. We have some tips below to help execute experiential events.

Stay True to the Brand

While designing an experiential event for your brand, you want to make sure that you are focusing on more than just a cool idea. Augmented reality apps, that bring the world around you to life, and very cool. But if you incorporate one at your event, make sure it fits cohesively with your whole theme. Likewise, facial mapping has become a very popular new activation at events. You can also apply that to walls of your event space. Make the room come to life and give your audience a new experience with video projection mapping on the walls!

Consider the Size of the Event

During the design process, keep the size of the event in mind. If you have an experience that your guests need to step into a booth to do, then time the activation. Make sure that you have enough time for each guest to get through the activation during the main event hours. Likewise, if you need a lot of space for a physical performance with crowd work, then you need the space. Either designate a specific area for the performance, or clear the space beginning half an hour before the performance.

Keep the Momentum Up

Keep your guests hyped before and after big inflection points with experiential marketing. Product releases are a perfect time to use some experiential marketing to really engage your audience. Experiential events make the audience feel involved in a company and allows guests to experience the product and brand in an one on one setting. Brand ambassadors are essential for these kinds of events. Make sure to prepare your brand ambassadors with talking points before the event.

Bring your brand to life with experiential events!

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