Fresh Wata Environments unlocking one space at a time.

At fwen, we are passionate about impeccable interior design and attention to detail. We embrace the personal taste of our one-of-a kind clients and bring a vast knowledge of resources, knacks, and products to each project.

Our originality stems from the intersections of design, creativity, experience, research and use of innovative materials at our fingertips. We extend our imaginative concepts, skilled craftsmen, installers, wood & upholstery shop, and talented designers to our clients.

At fwen, who we are, what we do, and what we create, makes a difference. We’ll craft your space with precision and bringing your visions to life. Our interior designers believe that a well-designed room will enhance your mood, bring fortune and create harmony. Our mission is to conceptualize and transform your existing space into a captivating environment that seamlessly blends functionality with artful presentation and ultimately create a space that is an extension of you.



Design on a Dime
Suite One Salon
Broken Leash Boutique
East End Imports Showroom
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