Event Planning for Large Scale Events

Large scale events can be incredibly difficult to coordinate! When organizing an event for more than a couple of hundred people, the effort becomes almost herculean. We gathered our tips and tricks below for how an event planning company will help you plan a large scale event.

Plan Early

When planning such a large scale event, you want to start planning early. Keep in mind that when producing something for 1000s rather than 100s, that extends all vendor timelines! If you want special flowers and food, make sure to engage your florist and caterer as soon as possible! Your event coordinator will know the right timeline, based on number at the event and the vendor, to ensure your event runs smoothly.

Find the Right Location

Finding the right location for a large scale event is difficult. You first have to decide on the experience you want your guests to feel. Do you want a whole football field where guests can have a view of the whole party? Or would you like an event space with lots of little spaces, for small groups of guests to congregate? An event planner knows which spaces will support the kind of event you want to achieve. Also, keep in mind that large scale event spaces book up early, as in more than a year in advance! Booking your venue should be the first step in your event planning process. Make sure you can do several site visits before the event and factor in those travel costs.

The Logistics

Remember to keep the details in mind for large scale events! Check with the local fire codes to make sure you do not get a surprise from the Fire Marshall. Make sure you have the right amount of security for your event! Are guests being shuttled from a pick up spot or will you have a valet service? Factor in Wifi for social media and other activations that require internet. Make sure to have an onsite event coordinator, onsite staffing coordinator, lighting design and tech supervisor to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Brand, Brand, Brand

Large scale events are a perfect opportunity to keep your brand front and center. With a large scale event, you should have quite a few different activations for your guests’ entertainment. Each of those activations can have branding on it. The entire theme of your event can be your brand, and your event planning company can come up with creative ways to incorporate.

Large scale events can seem overwhelming when you first start to plan them. But the right event planning company will ensure the entire event runs smoothly!

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