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Giveaways for Events

Events are the perfect place to surprise and delight your audience. The surprise and delight can come in many forms, from an unannounced musical performance by a popular band to swag items. These should be branded with your logo and hashtag for the event, to be a powerful reminder for your guests. Giveaways are best when they are practical and fun! We compiled a list below of some of our favorite swag for events. Take a look and incorporate some into your next event!


Snacks are the most ephemeral giveaways that you can hand out at the end of events, but they are the best to keep a sweet spot in your guests memory of your event! Have your snack match your theme!

Try and make sure that the package the snack comes in can be reused and has your branding on it. That way your guests will get a sweet or salty treat, and something to upcycle that keeps your brand on their mind.

Chargers and Phone Accessories

Giveaways that are practical will ensure that your guests will use, and rep, your branded items for long after the event is over. Since everyone is always on their phone, phone chargers are always a good giveaway! You can also brand headphones, phone pockets, or the phone stand holders are all very popular.

Seasonal Items

Since most brands want to keep their giveaways to use at multiple events, seasonal swag helps you stand apart! Beach towels and flip-flops, or umbrellas and mittens, all with your branding, are very useful items. The more useful the item, the more often they will be used, and the more your branding will be out in the world!

The Classic T-Shirt

T-shirts are a classic giveaway item, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a waste! Make your brand t-shirt stand out by upgrading to more fitted shirts, or ones with v-necks instead of crew. Hire a designer to make a t-shirt that will stand out from the crowd, in a good way. No matter what, t-shirts are the unofficial uniform of Silicon Valley and so always a good giveaway choice.

Water Bottles

Everyone know that they need to ditch their BPA plastic water bottles, so put your branding on a reusable water bottle! This is an environmental choice as well as a great giveaway! Reusable water bottles can travel all around the world, so this is a great choice to get your branding everywhere.

Events are always more fun with giveaways, so take the opportunity to surprise and delight your guests with fun swag.

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