Food at SXSW


The Food track of SXSW begins on March 11th through the 13th and focuses on our favorite topic, what we eat and drink! The panels and sessions in the Food track brings together entrepreneurs, chefs, data scientists, investors, filmmakers, and enthusiasts. Check out a couple of highlighted sessions below.

South by Southwest (SXSW for short) is being held this year on March 10 through the 19th in Austin, Texas. Fresh Wata will be posting blogs about all the different portions and sections of SXSW leading up to its debut in March!
South by Southwest is an annual festival and conference that focuses on film, interactive media, tech, and music in Austin, Texas. Founded in 1987, the event of the year has expanded to include SXSW Interactive, Music, Film, and SXSWedu on educational innovation, and SXSW Eco, an environmental conference.

How AI/Machine Learning Will Change the Way We Eat

Artificial Intelligence and Food often don’t go together. But this panel at SXSW proves that wrong. Using advances in computing, natural language processing, and deep learning, companies are structuring food data, surface relevant food related content, simplify cooking, develop new foods and recipes, reduce food waste and farm more efficiently. Bringing the future into food, this session focuses on solving the biggest problems with food supply around the globe with AI and machine learning.

How Technology is Making Meals more Communal

This panel is moderated by Padma Lakshmi, the host of Bravo’s Top Chef. The focus will be on the shift in the food space from restaurants to creative and homemade meals. There is a new focus in the food world, in which meals are participatory and familial, and an emphasis on how streaming and social media creates real access to authentic dishes and chefs.

Occupy Your Meal

There is new vision for food, and the industry is being revolutionized. Fast food, processes foods and irresponsible growers that create un-nutritious food at a cost to our planet and health are on the descent. There are groups and organizations educating and shaping people into savvy consumers who understand how to make healthy choices, for themselves and the globe, every time they eat. Join this panel as they explore socially conscious growers and restaurateurs who are changing the industry one meal at a time.

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