Fresh Addition – Pat Scott

Meet The Freshest Addition To The FW Fam.
Production Manager, Pat Scott.

What Makes Pat Fresh?

“Well, I shower regularly, and that helps. I also bring an eager perspective to my position. I am enthusiastic about causing change and bringing joy to the planet. I am motivated daily by a commitment to a better tomorrow and I think that’s the kind of Fresh-ness you don’t get in a stick of Old Spice. As a production manager I still get to carry heavy furniture (a simple pleasure I hope never to give up) but I am now tasked with attending to extreme detail and caring for the totality of the event. As a Production Manager I am excited to build camaraderie in our team, strengthen communication between departments and to impress clients and competition with our incredible creations.”

Why He Joined The Fresh Wata Team…

“Fresh Wata feels like the first position I’ve held that fully engages with my abilities to perform, communicate and execute, especially under pressure. I think what excites me most about working here is the depth of challenges facing me. I know that the most difficult parts of my new job will be exactly what shapes me as a person, and I am determined to bring value to my being and to the company by overcoming every obstacle I face.”

What Makes Him A Keeper?

“I believe human beings have infinite potential, and that we can overcome all of the challenges facing us today. I am inspired to do my part, to bring lasting change and to expand the consciousness of the human race.”

Fresh Fact About Pat.

Graduated From – New York University
Favorite Color – Blue.
Fav Movie – Goon.
Fav Food – Lamb.
Fav Book – A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle.
Pets – Fishes/Aquarium and Plants.

Keep Keeping It Fresh, Pat And Welcome To Our Fresh Family.

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