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How to Prepare for an Outdoor Catering Event


don't forget the dessert bar for your event

The process of serving catered food outdoors is simple if you pick a proper location and an ideal buffet layout. You will also need to consider the outdoor catering equipment and the procedures that a [...]

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The Benefits of Designing an Accessible Trade Show Booth


Learn how to make your trade show display accessible to people who have physical disabilities or who are limited in their mobility and need to use a wheelchair. How to Create an Accessible Trade Show [...]

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Hosting an Employee-Specific Grand Opening Business Party


A grand opening party is the perfect way for employees to meet their new coworkers. It is also a great way for a business to establish its concern for job satisfaction among employees. Hosting a Gran [...]

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Three Reasons Why Corporate Events Are Important for Businesses


event planners can help with your corporate event

Some business owners might not see the need for a company to get together, but well-planned corporate events can motivate and educate employees, which will increase productivity and in turn increase t [...]

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How to Select the Proper Amount of Food for a Corporate Event


If you consider just a few things when you create your menu, you will increase client satisfaction without going over your budget. To throw a successful business party or corporate event, you will nee [...]

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