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FW Favorite Branding Ideas!

Branding... "The gift that keeps on giving;):)! Besides our usual favorites like~ custom branding kiosks and using plasma screens to score... there are many eye catching ways to brand your ne [...]

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Product Showcasing + Meeting Space Transformation!

"No Rigging? No Problem!" In today's fast pace competitive market, showcasing your products effectively has and will become an important part of growing your business. And when your inventory and [...]

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Designer Shoe Fetish by Fresh Wata

"Client, meet the Stiletto! Stiletto, meet Client!" There is something sweet and victorious about finding a pair of amazing shoes. Eyeing the perfect make, admiring the style, color and design... c [...]

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Monkey Quest Launch

The quest to be creative! WE MEAN BUSINESS;) Inspirations first stem from the core of the idea. Technology, fun, and success rank high with the launching of Nickelodeon's new game, Monkey Quest! [...]

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Beyond Bar Mitzvah!

"The talk of the town, certainly THE ONE to remember!" Celebrating a glorious occasion has always been our love and specialty... and it is no wonder that Fresh Wata was called to create the perfect [...]

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