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As a new vendor for Gamespot we set out to create an impactful and edgy exhibit, adding some pop cultural phenomenon and showing visitors just how rad Gamespot really is. Starting 35 feet in the air, we designed top to bottom and worked with the ceiling plot. Forced to operate around the existing column and fire-hose, while keeping the celling soffit in mind, we went to the drawing board with a 5-day deadline, determined to meet all their needs. Preparing for their cameras, housing their control booth, providing storage, and allowing them to conduct live from two stages, all while airing competitions, we landed the job. We coordinated, designed and built a booth that agreed with Gamespot’s unmatched content and male demographic/ video game culture. Live-event coverage, interviews, and a sponsor lounge were eloquently incorporated into the 50-by-50-foot space along with a crafty graffiti wall and two hanging LCD display walls. Gamespot was hooked up and ready to do what they do best! They were prepared to engage and show off their shiny new booth at E3 inside the LACC. The project was re-created and enhanced for 2013 with a Matrix Column.

2012, 2013


Control Booth, Booth Design, Production, Management, Branding, A/V, Lighting, Install, Custom Fabrication, Custom Decor, Video Game Stations

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