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Hologram 4G Launch Event

All minds were focused on Sprint and engaging the masses at CTIA with the unveiling of the first-ever 4G phone. Fresh Wata delivered a state-of-the art hologram system and brought Sprint and dimensions to life by utilizing hologram projection media. This unique technology created a visual “wow factor” allowing for more impressions and greater conversion rates. The phone rotated and floated in a free-format 360-degree hologram placed center of the room. More electrifying than ever, the custom-built wall frame hung 81 screens to spell 4G in digital media 30 feet high. Charging stations, custom oversized lounge furniture and blog pods, suspended buffet stations, video projection meeting tables, and digital highboys all added to the environment.


TIA, San Diego

Hologram, 4G Launch, 81 Video Screen Wall, Design,A/V, Charging Stations, Lighting, Custom Decor, Blog Pods, Video Projection Tables, Digital High Boys


MIT Media Lab-Knotty Objects
Hologram 4G Launch Event
Cnet CES
Sprint TAO Custom App
Nickelodeon Interactive
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