Get Geared Up for Your Next CES Event or Trade Show Booth

CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is coming up soon! Starting Tuesday, January 9th, and running through Friday, January 12th, in Las Vegas, CES is an annual trade show organized by the Consumer Technology Association. This trade show has been continuously running since June, 1967. It is currently one of the largest events in Las Vegas. Last year over 3,600 companies attended CES in over 2.4 million square feet of space.

Fresh Wata has been busy getting ready for CES the past couple of months. From product launches to large-scale custom trade show booths, Fresh Wata brings your vision to life. Get geared up for your next CES event or trade show booth with our advice below!

Product Launches

When designing your product launch, you have a couple of different options for the debut. You can organize a huge event with a large portion of your audience as guests. Create a more private event for decision makers, thought leaders and press in your vertical. Debut your product launch at a conference, making the theme of your trade show booth your new product! However, when deciding how you want to launch your product, keep a few things in mind. You do not want activities around your product launch to detract from the brand and product itself! Make sure that the entertainment at events does not pull focus from your product! It helps to simplify your design, based on the story you want to tell.

Custom Trade Show Booths

Create a custom trade show booth to stand out from the crowd! Including interactive features at your booth helps engage your audience and pull them in! Make sure that your activities at your booth contribute to the story that your brand is telling. Photobooths are a fun way to attract clients, but make sure to put your branding into the experience. Always keep your audience in mind when designing your trade show booths to keep people coming back!

After Parties

Organizing an after party for one of the days of a conference is a great way to get to know your audience! You can engage with your guests one on one and really hear from them their experience with your brand. But remember, there are a lot of events at conferences! You have 3 second to grab your guests’ attention, so make sure your entrance is on point! Keep your guests entertained and give them some swag and they will have fond memories of your brand!

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