Holiday Events

It is that time of year again, holiday event time! But you don’t want to do the same thing that you did last year. Or the same thing that every other company is doing. How do you make your events pop? Read on below for 3 ways to make your holiday events pop!

Interactive Exhibit

If you want to make your holiday event stand out from the crowd, try bringing in an interactive exhibit! You can have incorporate a digital garden into your design. A great example of this would the 24-foot long garden with 3D printed flowers. They changed colors and played music when people walked by. You can modify to match the holiday, say a cornucopia for Thanksgiving or stars lighting up for New Years. Another great way to bring your event to life is include AR/VR. With AR you can bring a specific piece of the world to life with an app on the phone. A fun example would be posters all around your event that you can have an animator bring to life.

Bring the Holiday to Life

Make your event more like a show! A fun way to make your event memorable is to have a performance going on throughout the event. This can be something simple like acrobats or stilt walkers in costume throughout the event. Or you can have a more refined mini-play in the middle of your event. Another way to interact with your guests would be to create a custom Snapchat filters at your event. That way all of your guests pictures will be transformed.

Think Outside the Box

Just because your event is for a specific holiday, does not mean that is the theme! Christmas in hawaii can bring some needed warmth and sunshine to a dreary winter season. A 1960s New Years party can bring the nostalgia factor up to 10. Think outside the box and make your holiday event pop!

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