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FWIP – n. (ph-wip) Fresh Wata Interactive Productions commonly derived from fresh 3D interactive experiences.

Fresh Wata Interactive Productions has the determination to redefine what is possible and explore imaginative opportunities to cultivate something extraordinary through technology. As creative catalysts, we develop relevant meaningful interactions and user experiences through touch, gesture, flipping tiles, immersive media, interactive walls and online sharing. Keeping our clients up to date on the latest visually gripping interactive developments makes us the perfect partner for your exhibit, event, stage presentation or launch party.

FWIP illuminates technology trends that your events should be exploring, and plants seeds for new deployments and applies them to your brand. We call it creative user exploration and participation, which dubs to be informative and innovative. FWIP attracts customers — invites them to engage and connect, both digitally and physically.

As this exciting field continues to surface and find its place in our everyday lives, gadgets such as hand tracking devices, Kinect cameras, augmented reality, and multi-touch applications allow users to post status updates and enter information while exploring your brand in motion. We make technology transparent and integrate these emerging trends into projects.

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We voyage into the unknown, creating that which has not been created before. The Space Cadet project includes projection mapping and LED lighting, both new technologies designed to inspire and entertain the guests privileged enough to come to the Fresh Wata offices for a visit. Using projection mapping and LED lighting, we are able to transport the viewer to another world, the world where we can create and do whatever we want, and just like our Space Cadet, go into the unknown.


MIT Media Lab-Knotty Objects
Hologram 4G Launch Event
Samsung – Launch
Nokia Lumia ESPN Hubb App
Cnet CES
Sprint TAO Custom App
Nickelodeon Interactive
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