Keep Cool! Tips and Tricks for Outdoor Events

Outdoor Events

Outdoor events are one of the best parts of the summer! From music festivals to pool parties, there are a variety of different kinds of outdoor events. But, outdoor events can be tricky! You have to deal with the elements and the weather, as well as permits! Keep the following tips in mind when planning outdoor events.

Outdoor Games

Keep your guests entertained from the start with fun games to play throughout your event. Ping Pong and bean bag toss have become hugely popular games! Bocce ball is an easy game to set up, just make sure you keep distance around the edges of the bocce ball court!

Create Shade

One of the best ways to ensure a successful outdoor event is to have shade for guests. There are a variety of different kinds of shade that you can use. One way is to set up large tents under which the entire event happens. This keeps everyone in the shade throughout the event.

You can also set up umbrellas throughout the whole event, and give guests the option of being in the sunshine or the shade. Another great way to keep your guests cool is to include misters at the event. Providing branded sunscreen, towel, popsicles and sunglasses keep your brand in mind and keep your guests prepared.

Plan the Menu

When thinking about outdoor events, you want to plan your menu with your theme in mind. BBQ food is great for outdoor events, especially if the food is being made on site. Cold foods, such as gazpacho or ceviche, are also big crowd pleasers at outdoor events. Remember shade and covers for food at outdoor events.

Create a Plan B

No matter the event type, if the event venue is outside, always have a plan b. Summer weather can be tricky, it can be over 100 degrees outside or it can be pouring rain, or both! You do not want your event to be cancelled because of weather. Find a venue close by that you can relocate to in case of bad weather. Or you can, set a new date soon after the original event, and still have the party that you want!

Don’t Forget the Drinks

tequila dispenser
Being out on the sun can be very dehydrating. Therefore, you want to make sure that you have plenty of water for your guests! You can also coordinate your drinks to whatever the theme for your event. Set up different drink stations throughout the event to make sure no one is too far away from something to drink!

Keep these tips and tricks in mind for your next outdoor event!

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