Kick Start 2018 with These Event Best Practices

Event planning is easily overwhelming, so follow these best practices. With lots of moving parts and people involved, it is easy to get overrun while planning an event.  Make sure 2018 runs smoothly with these event best practices.

Best Practice – Start Planning Early

The best way to ensure that your event runs smoothly is to start planning early! The earlier you start planning, the more time you have to consider and review things. If you have a large team that needs input in the event planning process, that protracts the planning period. For reviews and approvals within big companies, this can take anywhere from 1 to 3 business days. If you have those kinds of parameters in your event planning, make sure to extend your planning period.

Find the Right Vendors

Finding the right vendors to work with improves the event planning process immensely. Working with an event company has the advantage of knowing those vendors. An event company will have worked with a variety of vendors for everything from flowers, to catering to decorations. They will be able to recommend the right vendors for your event.

Fabricate What You Want

Another benefit of planning your event early is being able to fabricate what you want! If that is a large-scale sign of your brand name made up of succulents, that is something Fresh Wata can create. While fabrication teams can work within short timelines, that always increases the cost exponentially. To save yourself money and stress, start the fabrication process as early as you can. Those fabrication pieces can often take an even from ok to fabulous.

Walk Throughs

Schedule multiple walk throughs of your event space before the event itself! We suggest scheduling walk throughs of venues before the venue is even chosen. That way the client knows what kind of space their event company is working with. Once you decide on a location and have some details of the event plotted, do another walk through of the event space. This time take a tape measure and try to mentally plot out the event at the space. This is where floor plans really help the planning process. One final walk through the day of the event, and you are set to enjoy your event!

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