Large Scale Event Planning

Large Scale Event Planning

If you have a large event that you know you want to plan in 2019, you can start planning now!
In fact, if it is very large event, over 500+ attendees, you should start planning now. Large
events can seem a daunting amount of organization and stress, but follow our tips below for a
smooth and painless event planning process.

Start Early

The earlier you start planning, the easier the process is going to be. Event venues that can hold
large amounts of attendees can book up years in advance, so planning early will give you the
biggest amount of options. Also, with large scale events, you will have to work with vendors on a
longer timeline. If you want some kinds of special flower arrangements or food for the event,
make sure to talk to your vendors early on! The more notice they have, the better they can
accommodate your asks.

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Ideation of what kind of an event you want to have before you go to an event company can help
save everyone some time. Figure out the basics of what you want for the event. The theme and
how you envision the event looking is a fun part of the process. You should also figure out the
basics of what time of year you would like the event to be. Not having a particular date in mind
for the event is actually more helpful for this kind of planning. That gives you flexibility with
venues that you might need.

The Details

The details of a large scale event is where the most things can go wrong. From the timing of
delivery for vendors, to fire codes, to security, there is a lot to remember. This is why working
with an event company for a large-scale event is a helpful move. Event companies know all of
the little details that they are supposed to look out for. And they have ways to deal with the
organization of it all. One of the helpful things they can create is a 4-week, 1-week, 3-day,
2-day, and day of timeline and checklist. This will help ensure vendors are on schedule and
nothing will go awry.

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