Live Streaming Events

Expand your events beyond the venue with live streaming. You can live stream from different platforms and reach different audiences: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or Periscope on Twitter. Each platform has their pros and cons, and has best practices. Read on below to see how you can integrate live streaming in your event.

Live Streaming the Whole Event

Live streaming your whole event can be a great play to reach a wider audience than you could at your event. When you begin planning your event, begin planning the live streaming of the event as well. Build into your event messaging that those unable to join in person can join via a feed. Where you want to live stream your event depends on your social presence, however Facebook and YouTube are the best platforms for longer streams. Determine which social network you have more reach on and stream from that platform. When organizing your event, you will want to include the live stream in the workflow. How many cameras do you want, what kind of titles or lower thirds do you want included, where should the cameras be placed to not be blocked. You will also want to have your community manager working the live stream to moderate questions and comments.

Live Streaming Behind the Scenes of an Event

Showing a behind the scenes view of an event is a great way to stream onto Instagram or Periscope. Live Instagram stories are becoming an increasingly popular way to surprise and delight your audience with extra content. Live Instagram stories can have a lower production level and can be shot from your smartphone. The live video on your Instagram Story lasts for 24 hours, so your audience that doesn’t see the content live will still have a chance. Bringing live streaming into your event can expand the reach of your audience beyond the event itself.

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