Make the Most Out of a Video Crew at your Event

Bringing a production crew to an event is a great way to capture content to use all year round! But video crews are a bit of an investment, and so you want to make sure you use them. Try and think outside the box for what content your video crew can capture at your event!

Live Streaming

An advantage to having an video crew at your next event is that you can have them live stream part of your event! Live streaming production values have gone up significantly in the last few years. So having a production crew available to live stream part of your event will give you great footage! Live streams live on demand on their channels after they are over, so you will have that content for a long time.


Events are a great place to gather interviews with people in your industry! You can get content on their thoughts on where the industry is moving or their favorite tips and tricks. You can also use it as an opportunity to get customer stories and testimonials. It is a great way to gather footage to be able to cut into several different kinds of content for your channels!


Another fun way to jazz up your content is to use events as a time to gather B-Roll. B-Roll is easy to purchase online, the same as stock photography. But just like stock photography, it’s better to create your own content for your channels. You can get shots of people using your products and interacting with brand ambassadors. These are great pieces to be able to splice into other videos or as bumpers before or after other produced content. It brings your brand to life when your audience sees people interacting with your brand.

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