Make Your Booth a Must Hit with Brand Ambassadors

Brand ambassadors can be your expo hall or pop-up secret weapon! Custom fabricated trade show booths or pop-ups are a great way to get people to come over to your brand and stop in. However, what is going to keep your audience there are your brand ambassadors. Read on below for the key characteristics you want to look out for in your next brand ambassadors.


The main job of a brand ambassador is to get your audience as excited about your brand as the brand is! So you want to make sure your brand ambassadors can match the passion and excitement that the brand is putting out. Your brand ambassadors do not need to be fans of your brand before their job. In fact, that is sometimes better when they do not know everything about your brand. But you want a someone is going to get excited and show that to your audience. Because if your brand ambassadors aren’t excited, then your audience won’t be either.


This is the most important aspect for brand ambassadors. You do not want someone who is just there to get the job done. Not only do they need to be professional at the booth, but also throughout the entire conference. Most companies provide t-shirts, hats, or some kind of swag so that their brand ambassadors can be easily located! However, your brand ambassadors will wear your swag when they are on break, and you don’t want your audience to have a rude interaction with your brand because of a brand ambassador. So when choosing people to staff your booth, take a look at what they are doing when they aren’t “on”.


Event planning and execution requires tons of time and attention, and no matter how well you plan, there is also something else to do. That is why you want brand ambassadors that are proactive and do not need to be babysat during their whole shift. Proactive people won’t stand around your booth like a lump on a log, but will be jumping in to talk to new guests or lead a demonstration.

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