Mobile Activations

A great way to bring the same activation to several different locations is using event trailers! The exact nature of the trailer can take a few different forms but the best part of this activation is that it travels around with you. Read below on how to bring your event trailer to life.

Pick a Theme

Your event trailer is going to travel around with your brand for several months or several years. So you want to make sure you choose the right theme or design for your event trailer. Fresh Wata has an entire fabrication department to make your event trailer! What part of your brand do you want to speak about? Do you want the trailer to be about a specific product that you just launched? Or do you want it to just visually fit in your brand design to be a little more subtle? Knowing the kinds of events and festivals you are going to bring your event trailer to will be also help in choosing a design.

Choose a “Trailer”

There are several different options for the form that your trailer can take! You can buy an old Airsteam and convert it into your trailer. Lyft asked us to update an Airtstream for their event trailer to bring around all summer long. They wanted both the inside and the outside to be designed, with some specific storage needs inside. Lyft wanted the Airstream to be a fun place where you can party, but also practical. We incorporated the brand’s signature pink color. We included speakers inside as well as a bar and plenty of charging stations. You could also consider a Guerilla Cube. The Guerrilla Cube experience is unlike that of any other. Guerrilla Cubes are mobile trailers designed for optimum impact during consumer engagement, while facilitating your setup and activation therefore stretching your marketing dollars.

Find the Right Events

One of the most fun parts of designing your event trailer is choosing the kinds of events that you want to take it to! During the summer, music festivals are a popular choice to bring your event trailer! There are also a lot of food truck nights in major cities all around the country. Another fun idea is to bring your trailer to popular spots in big cities. Make sure to tease your locations on social media to bring your following into the crowd.

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