Planner Words of Wisdom – July

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In the beginning of last year, we debuted a recurring post called the Planner Words of Wisdom (PWOW). We are bringing back this topic for a monthly piece for words of wisdom from the founder of Fresh Wata, Tricia, and her event production company. This month we are going to focus on the hardest part of any event planner – the details.

The Details

Focusing on the details at events can seem like a waste of time, but often these small details will make the whole event. Follow the tips and tricks below from the Fresh Wata team to make sure the details make your event, and don’t break it!

While we do enjoy transforming spaces for your event, “We strive to leave all venues as they were when we arrived!  Don’t expect event planners to drill into walls or ceilings unless they receive written approval from the venue.”

Remember to check the details for noise ordinances! “Doing an outdoor event?  Find out the “noise ordinance”  music decibel and cut off time.  This goes for #tradeshow #exhibits too!  Shows typically won’t let you exceed a certain level with your sound system.”

Keep an eye on safety! “Fire Exits must remain clear and well lit, including stairs, hallways, and corridors.  Resist the temptation to store empty boxes in hallways with little room.”

Make your A-list guests feel special “Make arrangements for coat and bag check for your high profile guests.”

Make sure your staff matches your event! “What is your staffing wearing?  Include this in your overall design and planning process.  Add a hat, pin, button, vest, suspenders, branded apron or custom sew and special uniform to stand out from your guests typical night out.”

Check the details for the waitstaff! “Waitstaff labor house are typically based on event hours so if you extend your event additional charges could be incurred by the entertainment and the waitstaff.  Plan ahead and asks these costs upfront.”

And Finally: “Details make the event! Label your menu items and create a well executed buffet design and layout with your caterer.”

Kyocera branding event

Keep an eye on the details and you will have a smashing event!

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