Planner Words of Wisdom – May

In the beginning of last year, we debuted a recurring post called the Planner Words of Wisdom (PWOW). We are bringing back this topic for a monthly piece for words of wisdom from the founder of Fresh Wata, Tricia, and her event production company. In this month’s PWOW we are going to dive into the specifics of decorating your event!

Use What is Around You!

One of the fun parts of decorating an event, is that you don’t have to go out and buy expensive items. Some of the most fun parts of decorating your event can be creating the pieces from what is around you! Backdrops and decorations: Painted backdrops are inexpensive and can help tell a story if you are working on a themed event. Brand the mirrors or windows and let guests enjoy the view! Don’t throw out that old trophy or tire! Use them to accent with flowers, or to tell a story: make a tree swing or stack the tires to create a high boy or car theme event. Don’t forget your technology! Pelican Cases protect your hardware, ipads, cameras, and technology equipment and come in a variety of colors!

Think About Your Food as Decoration

Decorating is not just fun designs and knick-knacks on tables! You can make the catering a part of the decorating of the event. A great way to kick off the event, Greet guests with champagne or sparkling water with lime! Take time to think about your food display, consider buffets part of the design process. You don’t want your buffet line to get in the way of the dance floor! Details make the event! Label your menu items and create a well executed buffet design and layout with your caterer.

What is your staffing wearing?  Include this in your overall design and planning process. Add a hat, pin, button, vest, suspenders or branded apron. Custom sew and special uniform to stand out from your guests typical night out! Instead of good bags of things, have you thought about snacks? Guests love take home snacks and beverages and they help leave a lasting impression.

Keep these PWOW in mind the next time you are planning your event!

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