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Design Elements

This month we are bringing design elements to life! In the beginning of last year, we debuted a recurring post called the Planner Words of Wisdom (PWOW). We are bringing back this topic for a monthly piece for words of wisdom from the founder of Fresh Wata, Tricia, and her event production company. This month we are going to cover design elements!


The first design element we will cover is scale. “Scale is the proportion on how design elements fit in a room.  This includes food stations, and décor.  Also refers to CAD floorplans and usually labeled on floorplans in relationship to the plan.” “Make sure to plan your tables sizes with the chef for your carving station and your CAD floor plan as well.”


“Function means to choose elements that work for your event and storage, allow for comfort, and create traffic flow and places to rest your cocktail.” Your event check-in stations, your food display, and your restroom plans should all be considered through the lens of functional design. “Self check in stations come in handy with huge events and can smooth your #registration process.” “Take time to think about your food display, consider buffets part of the design process.” “Discuss your restroom plans!  Is your venue equipped for your guests count or do you need to bring in a restroom trailer for your next event?”


“Contrast is creating the right look is a balance of styles, colors, patterns, texture and event elements and shapes.” When you begin designing your event you should decide on the mood you want to convey. Keep contrast in mind while choosing a mood. “Create a mood!  Ask yourself the goal of your design and event?  Comfort, Relationship Building, Marketing or Branding.  Want a High Tech, sophisticated or playful party?   Once you know your mood you can build the framework for shopping and designing.”


“Vignettes tell a story from objects, furniture, fabrics and props that you choose. You can make vignettes on shelving, corners of the room, with lounges, or activations”. Some ways to create these vignettes include painted backdrops and table decorations! “Painted backdrops are inexpensive and can help tell a story if you are working on a themed event”. Remember, “don’t throw out that old trophy or tire, use them to accent with flowers, tell a story, make a tree swing or stack the tires to create a #highboy or car themed event.”

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