Planning Summer Festivals

Summer is just around the corner! Planning summer festivals takes time, so if you want to have some summer blowout events, you should start planning now! We have gathered some 4 tips below to make your summer events successful.

Plan Early!

Summertime plans get booked up very quickly! If you have a particular venue in mind for your event, you should book it months in advance. Summer festivals and music festivals require very specific kinds of venues, and so you need to book those venues as soon as possible! Your guests summer schedules are also very hectic, so try and get out your invitations as early as you can. Think about what other brands you might want at your summer festival and reach out to them now!


Make sure you time your event so that you don’t tax your guests! A scavenger hunt at noon in a field with no shade will not be a huge success at your summer festival. Keep in mind the weather and the kinds of activities that you want to do at your festival. Consider planning active activities for dusk, when there is still light but the heat of the day is starting to go away.

Menu Planning

When planning the menu for your summer festival, you want to keep in mind the weather and the summer heat! If the event is entirely outdoors, serving hot food will just make your guests hotter! Keeping the menu focused on colder foods will help your guests. But then you have to remember to keep your food in the shade and bring lots of ice! Another direction is to outsource your food straight to food trucks and local vendors. This puts a lot of the planning off of you and onto your vendors!

Make Shade

One of the best ways to ensure your outdoor summer festival will be a success is creating lots of shade! You can either tent your whole event, and keep everyone cool from the sun. Or you can set up a series of smaller tents that have different activities going on in each of them. If you want your event to be super casual, create a whole bunch of micro-seating areas with chairs and umbrellas. No matter how it’s configured, your guests will enjoy the shade!

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