Revive Your Annual Events with These 3 Tips

Annual events build great brand loyalty and equity amongst your audience. It takes several years to build up an event and have it become one of the major go to events of the year. However, with the modern attention span, an event that does not change year after year can fall out of favor. Make sure to keep you attendees excited to come to your event year after year with our 3 tips below.

Have Yearly Themes

Choosing a new theme for each year of your event is a great way to keep the party fresh without having to change the fundamentals of your event. Annual themes are a great way to have new creative every year. Your event logo, your color scheme, your decorations will all change every year to match the new theme. This is a great way to keep interest in a long running event whose content cannot change.

Incorporate Local Elements

A great way to breath life into a long standing event is to incorporate local elements into your event. You can shake up the catering by hiring a very popular local restaurant to cater. Or find out the favorite ice cream shop of the locals and have them cater dessert! Picking local bands to perform at your event can keep your guest list fresh. However you incorporate local elements into your event, it will help attendance! Your community will want to support their locals and so you can get a nice boost to your guest list.

Use Attendee Suggestions

After every event, you should send out a note to your guest list asking them if they have any feedback. When you send that out, look out for the responses! Take time to go through each answer, and you will find a couple of gems in there to use for your next year’s event. It will help your guest feel important to the event, and keep them coming back every year. It will also keep the event changing slightly every year, which keeps people interested!

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