Save Time with an Event Company

Bring Your Dreams to Life

There is a reason why people use an event company! Event planning has many different facets and components, and a dedicated event company can help your dreams come to life and help you save time. There are event companies that specialize in specific kinds of events, like wedding planners.

Then there are companies like Fresh Wata, that have planned a wide variety of events. Fresh Wata wants to bring your dream to life for your event, whether its a corporate product launch, a mobile tour, or a trade show booth. Here are a variety of ways that an event company can save you time.

The Venues

An event company already has a list of venues that clients can choose from. Because they develop relationships with the event venues, they know what can realistically be done at different venues. Each venue is unique and works for different kinds of events. Often event venues will require you work with the house kitchen or staff. An event company will know all of that information up front!

The Vendors
Similarly with the venues, an event company already has a list of preferred vendors to work with. There are almost too many choices when it comes to flower arrangements, live music, linens, and everything else you need for an event. Therefore, hiring an event company saves you all that time researching every detail for your event.

The Details
There are so many details in every event that it can be hard to keep them safe. Do you know it takes an average of 30-45 days to get a fire permit for your event? Also, waitstaff labor is often hourly based, not based on the project. Make sure to have the timing of the event before you contract any waitstaff labor! When planning on using food trucks, remember that they don’t use standard power. Also, you might need special adapters at your event.

These are the kinds of details that an event company already knows!  Keep yourself sane and save yourself a lot of time by hiring an event company. Get to enjoy your event!

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