Sports Season Event Planning

It’s time to get ready for all of the events around Sports! This time of year is full of fun sports moments to activate on. Whether or not you are a fan of the sport, these kinds of events are a great reason to bring together some of your favorite people. Maybe you want to do an even to rally your employees and show your appreciation to them. Or perhaps you want to put on an out of the box event for your audience. No matter what, we have gathered the major sports events for you to activate on below.

Super Bowl

It is hard to escape the excitement of the Super Bowl! While the date has passed for this year, this is an event that is great to get a head start on! If you are a brand that wants to do something out of the box for your audience, consider doing something around the Super Bowl. Check your audience demographics to make sure that your audience will want to go to a Super Bowl event. The next Super Bowl will be in Atlanta, and if you want to host something in the city itself, you should start planning and booking that now!

NBA All Stars Weekend

The NBA All Stars weekend is coming up quickly on February 18th in Los Angeles. The NBA All-Stars game mizes and matched the best players from the Eastern and Western conference into two teams of 12, who then play against each other. This is a great opportunity to throw an event for your employees! Los Angeles is a large city, so there are plenty of venues to choose from. And employees feel appreciated when you throw them events. Bring some swag and make sure the food and drinks are flowing and a good time will be had by all!

NFL Draft

The NFL Draft will be taking place between April 26th and April 28th in AT&T stadium in Arlington, Texas. This is the first year that the draft will be in a football stadium and in the state of Texas. There is sometime to plan a fun event between now and April, and the great thing about the draft is that you don’t have to be in Arlington. The NFL draft is an easy fit for an event, since so many people follow football.

Don’t miss out on creating events around the NFL Draft, the NBA All Stars Weekend and the next Super Bowl.

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