Tell A Story with Your Brand and Experiential Marketing

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Create authentic connection with your audience with a compelling brand story! A part of experiential marketing, brand storytelling is a way to stand out from the crowd. Brand storytelling also makes your product more than a widget, your audience will have a personal connection to that product now. Brand storytelling goes beyond copy and website materials, it’s is everything and the best way to introduce that is with experiential marketing.

What is your story?

Before you can begin a big experiential marketing push, you need to clarify your brand story. This is something that can come from the brand’s founder’s story or can be about the problem that the product solves in the world. Once you determine the right fit for your brand and your company, start plotting out the details. Create an internal document that is your brand’s identity. Include the story of your brand, fonts, colors, design guidelines, and anything else you can think of. Keep this document for internal reference but also for external agencies. If you contract an event company to work on your experiential events, then this is a great document to be able to send them.

Apply the story

Once you have the brand story down, apply that to the rest of the company and marketing materials. This might mean having to rethink logos, colors, fonts, and any other kind of design decisions in a company. Making every part of your brand cohesive will bring the story to life for your audience. You want your audience to authentically connect with your brand, and make them brand loyal to you. This will help increase your lifetime value of a customer as well as shield your brand from others in your space!

Experiential Marketing

Once your brand story has been created and applied to the company, it is time to take this on the road! Work with an events company to bring some part of your brand story to life. That might be philanthropic work in particular areas, or a cross-country tour. Remember to go where your audience is. You want to meet your audience in their daily, and provide something fun or meaningful for them. Remember to keep swag at your experiential marketing events so your audience has something to remember the activation by.

Create a brand story and introduce it to your audience with experiential marketing to become a well-beloved brand.

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