Tips for Sucessful Culinary Events

The culinary world has exploded over the past decade. With shows like Top Chef or the Great British Bake Off becoming more and more popular, it can be great to tap into that fervor with your brand. Learn how to best incorporate a culinary event for your brand.

Find the right brand

If you are not a Culinary brand and you want to do a Culinary event, find the right brand to partner with. If you are a high end furniture company, you don’t want to partner with Tostino’s! You might want to work with a food delivery option, or a YouTube chef. Think about what kind of audience you work with and find that same audience in the culinary world. Then choose those brands to work with for your culinary event.

Make It Interactive

One of the fun parts of the culinary world is that it can be very interactive! When creating a culinary event, bring your audience into the food. You can do this through small stations throughout your event where guests can learn how to make specific dishes. Or you can do stations that guests rotate through to make one amazing dish at the end. Whatever you choose, remember to find the right brand ambassadors for your event!

Activate Influencers

A fun way to bring your brand together with a culinary brand is to activate influencers! Got influencers from both worlds and have them interact. The great thing about influencers is you can tap into their network and they know how to make content. You don’t have to worry about how to form their content because they know what will work best for their audience! Getting influencers for both your brand audience and your culinary brands audience will help expand the reach of your event and get more brand fans!

Keep these tips in mind and have fun with a culinary event!

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