Unleashing Mutant Powers…

Unleashing Mutant Powers…
FW x Thinking Box = Fresh Thinking

This Fall Fox promoted their new series, The Gifted, about an underground network of super mutants by giving fans the experience of harnessing their own mutant powers through a kinetic vending machine where they could win exclusive prizes.

The Gifted is about a family that is forced to flee their comfortable lives after they discover that the children have mutant powers. They join an underground grid of super-powered mutants to fight and survive against a hostile government.

Fox worked with Thinking Box to create this one of a kind interactive experience and Thinking Box called upon Fresh Wata for the purchase of a vending machine, buildout, special effects, printing, permitting, transportation and Comic-Con show management of this project. This experience Premiered at The Grove and then went on to Time Square before making its final stop at New York Comic Con 2017… and it was Fresh!

If you’re not one of the 8.3 million viewers, who are tuned in to Fox’s new critically acclaimed adventure family series, “The Gifted,” we suggest you unleash your binging powers and “mutant” up.

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