How to Use Social Media Influencers at Events to Get Everybody Talking About Your Brand

Social Media Influencers at Events

Last week, we broke down what social media influencer marketing is. Now let’s see how using social media influencers can get everybody talking about your brand! You can utilize social media influencers at different stages for your event. Use them before the event to spread word to get more people to attend your event! Have the social media influencers attend your event to get more people to tune in and pay attention to your event.

Before the Event

If you want to activate a particular audience segment to attend your event, find a social media influencer with that audience. Work with that social media influencer to have them promote the event! The great thing about social media influencers is your can decide how you want to produce the content they release. If you are comfortable, you can have the social media influencer themselves create the content! Or you can give them creative and post copy and simply have them post that content. Either way, you are reaching a new and unexplored demographic than you would through your own marketing channels!

At the Event

Inviting social media influencers to cover an event is a great way to foster that elusive “FOMO” from different audiences! If you want people to pay attention to the event itself, say you are releasing a new product for your brand, social media influencers are the way to go. With this kind of activation, the influencers will post on their channels earlier that day or the day before that they are going to attend this specific event. That way their audience knows to stay tuned! Before the event, connect with your influencer for the specific wants at the event itself. Such as getting a picture of the new product, or a boomerang with a certain person.

Following these tips and tricks, you can get everybody talking about your brand!

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