3 Different Ways to Record Your Event

Discover the pros and cons to three different ways to record your event, live streaming, traditional film crew, and the iPhone masterpiece, with your event production company.
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LIve Streaming
Whether it is Facebook live, Periscope, or Google Hangout, there are an abundance of options for live streaming. Facebook has been heavily promoting their Live feature, and the space isn’t saturated yet, so this is a good option for new users to discover your brand. An event production company gives you access to all of the vendors with which they already have relationships. They will know the best film crew to record your event for both budget and style, especially important with live streaming.

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Film Crew
This is the most traditional route and the best option for a high quality video. The most expensive option, these services typically include video editing and a final video available for download. A film crew can even come out to a rehearsal of an event for final consultation on vision for the video with the organizers. Recording a rehearsal of an event can ensure a higher quality video of the actual event. Those recording the event will be able to scope out the best places to stand and can get a feel for the flow of the entire event.

iPhone and iMovie Masterpiece
For this option, think to your co-worker or friend whose Instagram and Snapchats are filled with beautiful videos. They aren’t a videographer, but they have a lot of equipment, an enthusiasm for recording events, and they aren’t too expensive! These friends won’t break the bank with their fee and they will bring their own personality and style to the video. Remember, when you are going to record an event, the layout of the room is very important. You will need to ensure a clear path between the action and the camera, so that the video has clear view of it all. Having a clear layout will keep the video from looking too messy.

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