4 Ways to Create an Unique Trade Show Booth

Stand out from the monotony of cubicle like trade show booths with Fresh Wata, creating your custom designed trade show booth that engages your consumer.

Create a Custom Design

Expo floors of conventions and conferences can look monotonous, with booth after booth looking the same. A great way to instantly set your company apart is having a custom design trade show booth. Begin with your core concept for that convention, for example the launch of a new product. Then design the booth around that core concept to make your company stand out.


Engage the Visitor

A sure fire way to engage your visitor and make your booth have a lasting impression is having an interactive component at your trade show booth. Social media sharing is an easy way for a company to create digital currency with their users, so consider a component that is easy to share online. Make the experience personal to your visitor and they are much more likely to share their experience. Include an easy to attach hashtag along with your company’s social media handles to ensure that these experiences are shared with your company online.

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Remember Your Audience

When designing a custom trade show booth, remember to keep your consumer in mind. You do not want a too hectic or packed trade show booth, so remember to keep the flow of consumers in mind. Also consider designing an accessible trade show booth, so those with a physical disability or limited mobility will be able to access your brand.

Gamescom 2009 - Electronic Arts

Gamescom 2009 – Electronic Arts

Staff the Booth with the Right People

Remember that those working at your custom trade show booth are the face of your company, and train them in how you want your company to be portrayed. You want to make sure your staff are high-energy and engaging with consumers, as well as be able to remember all of their talking points about the booth.


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