4 Ways to Measure Engagement at Your Event

Track your events success by measuring your guests’ engagement at your event with an event production company! Fresh Wata produces detailed, unique events and measures guests’ engagement these 4 different ways.

Social media mentions


A great way to measure engagement at your events is to have an interactive component that includes posting to social media. Have a fun photobooth or something that your guests can share. Then have them post it to your social media page and to include your hashtag, that your event production company can help you create. This allows for people who are not at the event to still feel included in the festivities


Set up your event with a specific give­away at a booth, and have a total count before the event. Successful give­aways create an impact with a guest, leaving a reminder of the brand with the guest after the event. Keep track of when and how many give­aways your guests are receiving and you will have an idea of how your guests interacted with and liked the give­away.

RSVP and Head Count

A surefire way to gage the interest in an event before it occurs is the RSVP list. Start planning your event early and get your RSVPs out to guests as soon as you can. An event production company can expedite that process. This also allows you to send reminders leading up to the event, to keep your guests excited. At the event itself, have a check­in table and get a head count as the guests arrive.

Record Your Event

snoop dogg superbowl 2015

Recording your event is beneficial for a number of reasons, but it can also be a good indicator of guest involvement. Especially if a specific show plays at the event, recoridng your audiences’ reactions can be a good way to gage their interest. You can post recordings of the event on your social media pages. Post recordings on your site to share with peole who did not attend and remind those who did of the fun time they had.

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