6 Event Swag Ideas Attendees Will Use

Who doesn’t love a free giveaway? Of course, conference swag is something that attendees look forward to. However, just giving people a place to stash junk and office supplies is a wasted opportunity. The idea of swag is for it to be used and become a reminder of your brand or event.

How to Pick Event Swag

Instead of going with the standards, put thought into what items your attendees will enjoy. Set a goal that you want the bag to achieve. Then, make sure each item is relevant to your overall event strategy.

Here are our suggestions for items you can combine to make a great conference swag bag that attendees will appreciate… and use:


Attendees love taking notes! It’s even proven that writing down your thoughts helps you to remember them better. Plus, chances are that they’ll be referencing those notes well after the event — reminding them of your brand.

Reusable Water Bottles

Reusable water bottles are convenient and green. If you really want to make a great impression a major value add would be if you provided refilling stations for your guests to continue to refill their bottles for free at your event.

Wellness Items

Stress-reducing promotional products such as coloring books, journals, or aromatherapy items can be thoughtful gifts. For an audience that values making healthier living choices, pedometers, heart trackers, microfiber towels, yoga mats, and sports bags are also popular.

Ethical Items

If you specifically want to reinforce a responsible approach, seeds and plants are a joyful and economical gift to share. Reusable shopping bags, or lunch totes, are practical giveaways too. Solar chargers and recycling sorting bags are other great items to consider.

Packed Flash Drives

Pack the flash drive full of something beneficial to your attendees — a media kit about your company, an e-book relevant to the conference, or for something truly unique pack the flash drive full of the slide shows from conference speakers so guests can easily reference them at a later point.

Welcome Extras

If you’re throwing a multi-day conference or event, put extra thought into a care package that can be used throughout your conference. Advil, breath mints, vitamin c packs, maps of the conference area, schedules of speakers, snacks and more will be appreciated by every guest.

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