7 Ways to Incorporate Technology Into Your Event

Looking for ways to incorporate the latest technologies into your next event? Here are seven options sure to impress even the most tech-savvy of guests.

1. Tweet-activated vending machine

Yes, a tweet-activated vending machine! They are a great way to attract attention and spread the word about your product and company. How do they work? Guests walk up to the machine and are prompted to send out a tweet using a specific hashtag (like #freshwata) to get a prize. When a guest tweets using the requested hashtag, the vending machine gets to work, releasing a promotional item, such as a free sample or t-shirt. Talk about a show-stopper.

2. Digital caricature art

Pump up the marketing fun by hiring a digital artist to entertain visitors and produce caricatures. The artists use tablets, sometimes with screens as large as 32″ wide, to draw their portraits, allowing visitors to view the creative process in action. Print the portraits using a portable printer and add a badge clip to create instant personalized name tags bearing your logo.

Other options include sending the caricatures to visitors’ phones, posting them to a Pinterest page or other website and inviting guests to compete to identify one another, or combining them to create one-of-a-kind digital mementos of your event.

3. LED bars

LED lighting is a low-energy, high-impact technology that commands attention and highlights important. Incorporate your company’s logo on an LED dance floor or hire dancers to wear trigger costumes which light up to the beat of the music.The possibilities for incorporating LED technology into an event are nearly endless.

LED bars are a great way to grab your guests’ attention. They add drama and visual excitement to booths and signage areas, and can be programmed to change color and intensity according to your needs. When you use LED lighting in your event it will not be overlooked.

4. Gaming station

Adding a gaming station to your event is a sure-fire way to get guests interacting and having fun. You can invite them to compete for prizes, bragging rights, or you can simply offer the games up as a way for your guests to relax and unwind. Either way, it will be a hit.

5. Fog station

Want to maximize the drama at your next event? Consider adding a fog station. With a fog station, you can highlight a display element by giving it a spooky aesthetic or simulate a late-night club atmosphere. You can even use fog to create a hazy backdrop and project visual elements on top of it to make it look like the words and images you’ve chosen are floating in mid-air.

6. Listening station

A listening station is a great way to encourage guests to interact with your product or message in a personal, self-guided way. Listening stations are easy to recognize and especially appeal to visitors craving a brief escape from the excitement of a busy event.

7. Media wall

A media wall is a truly eye-popping design strategy that draws guests in and invites them to interact with your brand or organization in multiple ways. A media wall can incorporate anything you choose, including real-time social media feeds or videos of guests participating in interactive exhibits elsewhere at your event. The sky’s the limit. No matter what your media wall contains, it’s sure to inspire excitement and create buzz.

Bonus: Floppy disk!

A design element can be produced using old school methods and still add a stunning high-tech element to an event. Innovative furniture pieces or structures, like this table inspired by floppy disks, set a whimsical, contemporary tone, making guests stop and take a second look and encouraging them to linger in a space.

Technology is a huge part of every day life. Make sure you provide your guests with new and exciting opportunities to interact with your brand. If you have questions or are interested in interactive technology, contact Fresh Wata today at 702-889-0935. We are constantly exploring new creative opportunities in the tech world.



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