Bring Your Event to Life with these 4 Interactive Features

Interactive events

Interactive events create an experience guests cannot forget, and want to share with others! Whether its adding a digital garden to your event, or creating your own Snapchat filter, interactive features at events elevate your guests’ experience.

Snapchat Filter

Did you know that you can create your own Snapchat Filter? Called on-demand geofilters, snapchat allows you to create a personalized filter for events. Snapchat has become a rival to Facebook and Twitter, and leveraging that popularity can help your event be shared across the world. In addition to the geo-filter,  add a hashtag and your social media plan is almost done.

Digital Garden

This innovative event feature allows your guests to have a more personal experience at your event. Moey Inc designed and created the original digital garden, a 24-foot long structure of 3D printed flowers. The colorful flowers change color and play music as guests walk around and interact with the garden. Embedded with motion sensors, the more people walking around the flowers will create a brighter and louder garden.



Drones liven up events in a variety of ways, from becoming a high tech delivery service to capturing the event. Events set in a large space can use drones to livestream the event, posting the video online and projecting it onto a wall at the event. Add drones to a live auction to deliver the items won.

Facial Mapping

Face using facial recognition point technology
Put your guests in the middle of the action with facial recognition software and a fun scene. Using Intel’s RealSense, your guests faces can be mapped and then turned into Lady Gaga, or any custom content your interactive event company creates. Create social sharing option to allow guests to post the experience on their Facebook or Twitter and take the experience with them.

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