How to Build a Super Comfortable Trade Show Booth

AOL trade show booth

Trade shows are exciting and exhausting. They typically have concrete floors in industrial buildings, and there is always a lot of walking. Yet, many booths don’t reflect the need for rest that every trade show attendee has experienced.

5 Elements of a Comfortable Trade Show Booth

How to create a booth that stands out when your visitors need to sit down? Whether you’re building a booth yourself or going over options with a professional designer, consider these five elements to elevate the comfort of your trade show booth.

1. Padding

One of the first things to consider in a booth is how people will feel when they enter. Tired feet welcome padding, as opposed to the hard concrete, found almost everywhere in an expo. A high-pile carpet may clash with a high-tech booth, but anti-fatigue floor mats will have your booth members handling the day’s journey in a more comfortable fashion without eliminating the modern look.

2. Plush Seating

Getting people to your booth is all about visual design, but getting them to stay is all about comfort. Throw out the folding chairs and rent some chairs that are attractive and comfortable. Bonus points if you upgrade to seating that allows attendees to recharge their devices while they rest.

3. Desk and Chair Height

If you’re using bars stools or other forms of seating that abut a countertop, pay attention to the height. You don’t want people having to squeeze their legs under the table, but you also don’t want their elbows lifted like a child at the dinner table. If you have the ability, opt for adjustable stools so that discomfort isn’t the only thing your visitors remember about your booth.

4. Line of Sight

Some aspects of ergonomics can escape the novice booth designer, and line of sight is often one of them. The viewing height of your information must be accessible from a comfortable neck position. This doesn’t mean to ignore the valuable top-tier viewing heights and not make full use of your space. It does mean to save the higher viewing for labels and pictures. If there’s heavy reading involved, keep it where the eyes rest naturally.

5. Adjustable Workstations

Booths that are filled with interactive content may have workstations for a hands-on experience. Again, comfort is key. Adjustable workstations allow people of any height to sit or stand while engaged at your booth. Not only does this allow for ergonomic positioning, but your visitors will appreciate the forward thinking of your company.

Comfortable Booths Keep Attendees Lingering for Longer

Half the battle of booth design is attracting people, and the other half is about getting them to have an avid interest in your venture. By considering their comfort with these five ergonomic elements, your trade show booth will help attendees pay attention to your product or service instead of any discomfort.

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