Custom Fabrication Brings Your Ideas to Life

Custom Fabrication

Custom fabrication keeps your events looking fresh and different than any other event. Bring your event ideas to life, even if they are a couch made out of pizza boxes! You can make your event stand out from the crowd with a variety of different pieces. Read on below to find out how you can jazz up your event with custom logos, DJ booths, or backdrops and even Airstreams.

Custom Logos

Put your name in lights, literally! Bring your brand front and center with your company name or logo made out of flowers or succulents. A large-scale custom logo becomes a photo backdrop for your event, helping get your branding out into the world. Remember for every social media post about your company, 5 others see that!

DJ Booths

Up level your funky part of your event with a custom fabricated DJ booth! Don’t just slap your brand name or logo on a regular DJ booth. Do you want 10-foot cages that your DJ can entertain their crowd from? Fresh Wata can do that for you!

Backdrops and Environments

Don’t just transform one part of your event, transform the whole space! Do you want your event to have the feeling of being in a forest? We can bring in trees and build a custom light flower set that changes colors based on the music! Get a super chill vibe to your event with swings, plush pillows and lots and lots of rugs. Let us know what you are thinking and we can create an event around it.

Airstream Conversions

Do you want to bring your event on the road? Consider doing a custom fabrication outfitting on a Airstream! We did an Airstream conversion for Lyft that transformed the trailer into a mobile party station! They asked for speakers, chargers, loads of storage space, and of course, their signature pink.

Get in touch with Fresh Wata Fabrication if you want to bring custom fabrication to your next event!

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