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Summer is right around the corner and the event planning season is in full swing with planning, designing, and production here at Fresh Wata.  We feel it’s our job to stay up-to-date with trends, to obsess over the details, and help clients save time and eliminate headaches with each project.


Let’s start with trends! Constantly changing each season, we find inspiration everywhere, inspired by architecture, fashion, art and new materials. Visiting design shows, art openings, festivals, and collaborating with other creative team members helps keep us on our toes. The FW team always have their evernote app open to keep any design inspiration close by. We are constantly feeding off one another, lending inspiration so we keep well rounded with different perspectives and fresh ideas.  We love taking something old and making it new, playing with color, and fabrics to dress up a buffet or create and exhibit design.


At Fresh Wata, we save time through our experience and the resources at our fingertips, not just materials, but talented craftsmen, fabricators, graphic designers and reliable vendors.  It helps having gallons of paint and rolls of fabrics to choose from and a library of laminates, carpet, wall panels and various wood. When the time comes we are ready to work quickly and engage vendors as needed to meet event planning deadlines.

tequila cocktails for a catered event

One way our team saves time is event timelines. Timelines speak to everything from load in, power drops, rigging, vendor arrivals, talent arrival, focusing lights, rehearsals, sound checks, guests arrival, and even when the buffets open and close.  Keeping your event organized and taking the time to make a timeline will help reduce headaches and confusion for everyone. We recommend starting the timeline with the start of the event, thinking through every single detail that will happen from loading in through to striking at the end of the night. These timelines become even more important when you have a multi-day event. Put as much information and contact information as you can on the timeline to save on overtime, dock issues, or even missing a step. If you are looking to run a homegrown event, consider planning your event using Eventbrite’s event management software.

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We at Fresh wata are willing to think outside the box and are always on the lookout for new technology, activation, designs, and trends to present to our clients. Take our advice and start your event off right with the best summer trend. Then start obsessing the details, stocking up, preparing, and finding some great partners to collaborate with for a fresh design. Keep your team together during the event with an exhaustive timeline. Ensure your summer events run smoothly with the right team and an eye for design and trends.

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