Fresh Display!

Top of the Line: Trade Show and Exhibit Design… Fresh Wata is no joke.

Let’s face it, an awesome exhibit is only awesome when it garners the attention and favor of tradeshow attendees. But don’t forget, we also want to blow our competitors out of the water!

Designing “the perfect space” entails being equipped with the continuance of your marketing campaign, having consistency with company branding and clearly getting your message across with cutting edge appeal! So, If you are going to “do it”…. do it right. I mean, you are showcasing your company live!

Obviously the budget will play a big part when it comes to the over all design. Thus a great reason to work with someone who knows what they are doing ;).  Making sure your money is being well spent and in all the right places truly makes a world of difference. We want you to stand out, demand recognition and create a buzz that lasts much longer than the show itself…

The Fresh Wata team added our own touch of magic to the Magic Convention in Las Vegas this year! Working closely with our clients, the results were clean, congruent and no doubt eye- popping!  From the comfort of solid silver to chain and crystal touches, Fresh Wata continues to maintain a look and feel that soars above the rest!

EXCELLENT with exhibit designs and trade-show booths!!! This one includes mannequins in lighted display frames and gorgeous crystal columns at 10ft tall!!!

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