5 Easy Tips to Throw an Epicly Fresh Pool Party

Sure, you’ve thrown a pool party before. But, when you reach that point in the summer where it feels like all you’ve ever known is heat, we don’t blame you for feeling a little wilted.

You could dream of fall colors and pumpkin spice lattes, but the days of crisp mornings are still too many weeks away. So, what’s the best way to deal? Throw a next-level, epic pool party that whisks you and your guests off to paradise!

Putting on a pool party sounds easy, but a truly epic one involves lots of moving parts. To help you plan your next summer bash, we tapped into the experience of Fresh Wata’s party planning experts. From sweet treats and refreshing drinks to Insta-ready decor, here are our tips on hosting a summer pool party that they’ll never forget.

pool party floaties

Fresh Pool Party Tip #1:

Colorful Pool Floaties

When it comes to pool floaties, the brighter and more colorful, the better! Think pink flamingos, pineapples, and donuts. If you can, spring for pool floaties that can fit multiple bodies. Even if guests aren’t using each and every one, they create a fun, playful environment.

pool party outdoor seating pool party outdoor seating

Fresh Pool Party Tip #2:

Shaded Seating with Pops of Color

Bright colors also work wonders at transforming the feel of wilting summer temps into that of a tropical paradise. If your current patio furniture has good bones, just head to the cushion section for some splashes of fresh color.

living wall outdoor pool party

Fresh Pool Party Tip #3:

Live Greenery Keeps Things Fresh

For an extra fresh vibe, stop into the garden section of your local home goods store to grab some outdoor greenery. By midsummer, many brightly flowering annuals will be in full bloom, and ready to pop into some colorful planters.

If you’re feeling really creative, try your hand at a living sculpture! Fresh, daring, and bold, you can DIY a party mascot like our floral flamingos with some florists foam and paper mache. Just be sure to place these in slightly shaded areas, preferably grouped near your seating, to ensure delicate blossoms don’t get scorched by the sun.

Fresh Pool Party Tip #4:

Sun-Safe Stations

Epic pool parties can leave guests with a ton of epic memories. The one thing you don’t want them going home with? An epic sunburn! Show guests you care by setting out a few buckets containing an assortment of sunscreens in gathering areas. Bonus points in you place them on ice so they feel extra refreshed when slathering on their skin protection.

photo booth pool party

Fresh Pool Party Tip #5:

Encourage Pics with a Photo-Ready Backdrop

Creating a makeshift photo booth is as easy as using an iPad and a ring light, but gets extra fun with the right backdrop and accessories. Place funky hats, feather boas, and masks and toys nearby to encourage your guests to get playful for the camera!

Learn even more tips on how to keep your pool party extra fresh here: Tips and Tricks for Outdoor Events

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